A Rose For Becky


The Sunday before Thanksgiving, my aunt Becky passed away. She was the fourth of five daughters. She was a Michigan fan. She loved M&Ms and Mountain Dew and Arby’s. She had Down Syndrome. The funeral hall was packed.

I sat in the second row, behind my parents and other aunts and uncles, and listened as people shared with us their memories of Becky. They listed the amazing ways she had impacted their lives. She was joyful, playful, and ticklish. She loved Jesus. She lived by a schedule. She watched Knight Rider and The Waltons. She loved to scrapbook and put stickers on her closet door. And she had a bulletin board with photos of all her favorite people.

My aunt Becky had Down Syndrome, but her medical chart isn’t what everyone at the funeral remembered about her. They remembered how she lived: with a constant passion for the things and people that she loved.

“People are people…” ~Dr. Suess