The Calm

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My sister and I went out one night. It seemed more like January than mid-April. She had just spent a few hours weaving her long, thick hair into twenty-something teeny tiny braids. I stood her in front of the lamp post and started shooting. Soon we discovered that, since the air was so cold, her breath became visible from the light behind her.


Ice Won’t Splash


Obviously, it’s been far too long since my last post. I’m going to shove the blame onto my school classes. College. Is. Hard.

Ice is also hard, and can be very slippery. It is also very difficult to splash in. I got brand new yellow rain boots a couple weeks ago, bought with a gift card that I had gotten for Christmas. We didn’t have snow on Christmas, or the whole week or two after. It was just cold and rainy. So I got my rain boots, and bam! The puddles freeze to ice and we start getting a few inches of snow the day after. So I’m trying to be patient. I’ll get to use them someday. Until then, I’ll take photos of them sitting uselessly on the ice.