COFFEE: a series about coffee


Photo 5/12

Ingredients: light roast coffee with milk, yellow cup and saucer, fountain pen, and low wooden stool under tree blossoms.


Loving Memory


Sometimes we look at another person and the things, the objects that they hold on to. And sometimes we wonder what it is that makes those things so important to them. It’s not always the objects themselves but the memories associated with them that make them so special. And we don’t want to forget.

Reflecting on Bug Art


We know it’s officially spring when the ladybugs start swarming our house. Usually they stay by the windows in the living space and kitchen, but today a peeping tom followed me into the bathroom for my shower! I soon noticed the squiggly trails that it was leaving behind in the mirror fog and thought what an artistic little guy this ladybug was turning out to be!