Be Our Guest

IMG_1886 copy

As you’ve probably noticed, I love photographing birds! Last month my mom set up a few birdfeeders where we can easily see them from the kitchen window. We have a fairly regular crowd of guests that flutter back and forth between these, our lilac bushes, and the birdbaths. I’ve even seen a bluejay and, just now, a mourning dove! It takes quite a few photos to capture a decent one like this, but hopefully I’ll be able to capture some more moments like this before they flutter away from the cold weather that’s coming!


Wild Part 8: Deer, Fear, Grace and Lace


The last one of my Wild photos for now. I chose to publish this one last because so many of the amazing creatures at The Wilds are species of endangered deer. This Bactrian Deer is lucky to be one of the few living in a place where there are no creature predators or hunters. Even though he bounded away soon after our truck rolled by, I caught him in a brief moment of serenity with this photo: his only care in the world was the wildflowers at his feet.

Wild Part 6: Too Cool To Drool


I loved seeing the cheetahs! I’ve always been amazed at how fast they can run, and even though they weren’t going anywhere close to full speed (it was more like an easy jog) I still had a hard time catching them all in focus! They were fairly active while we were there, which was wonderful. My favorite part of this photo is this gentleman’s cool, brooding eyes. I noticed later on that there’s a bit of saliva hanging from his mouth, though. Maybe he thought we smelled tasty?

Wild Part 4: Seuss Lips


As the bus pulled up next to the camels, I couldn’t help but laugh! Not at the floppy humps, as some might expect, but rather at their silly little grins! They looked so much like they were trying to hold back a smile, and I had to smile, too. I was also reminded of the creative illustrations by Dr. Seuss in his stories, and wonder if he went to camels for facial inspiration.